Organic electrosynthesis is an enabling and sustainable technology, which constitutes a rapidly expanding field of research. Electrochemical approaches serve as convenient and green alternatives to stoichiometric and toxic chemical redox agents. Electrosynthesis constitutes a promising platform for harnessing the unique reactivity profiles of radical intermediates, expediting the development of new reaction manifolds. The purpose of this TOC symposium is to give an overview of the ongoing progress in catalysis towards more sustainable solutions using synthetic electrochemistry. The invited speakers have a strong scientific background in organic electrochemistry and will present their current research in the field. The symposium aims to highlight the state-of-the-art within electrosynthesis and to bring together scientists interested in organic chemistry, catalysis and sustainability.


Preliminary scientific schedule


Date: Monday December 6, 2021                    Place: IVA Conference Center

09.00–09.30      Registration and coffee                        Grev Turegatan 16 

09.30–09.45      Opening of the symposium                    Stockholm     –––––––>

09.45–10.35      Speaker 1

10.35–11.10      Coffee (posters)

11.10–12.00      Speaker 2

12.00–13.00      Lunch

13.00–13.50      Speaker 3

13.50–14.40      Speaker 4

14.40–15.10      Coffee (posters)

15.10–16.00      Speaker 5

16.00–16.10      Closing remarks

16.10–17.00      Posters and refreshments